Introducing an open source design for turban-wearing motorcyclists.

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An innovation for turban-wearing riders, brought to you by Pfaff Harley-Davidson.

Inspired by the recent helmet law exemption for Sikh motorcyclists, the Tough Turban is layered with impact resistant materials. We couldn’t be more excited about the potential of this innovation for our vast community of riders across Canada and around the world.

TOUGHTURBAN_859_MotoFoto 2

Three layers of protection

Non-Newtonian Foam

Non-Newtonian foam is used in a variety of applications such as military armour and helmets. It starts out soft and flexible but stiffens when force is applied, dispersing impact to protect the rider.

DYNEEMA® Composite Fabric

With a strength-to-weight ratio 10 times stronger than steel, DYNEEMA® increases tear resistance and is used in bulletproof vests and clothing.

3D Printed Armour

Inspired by historical Sikh warriors who wore chainmail under their turbans, this 3D-printed matrix of protective armour maintains the flexibility of a traditional turban.

Product Diagram

An open
source design

We are thrilled to collaborate with any manufacturer around the world who wants to join us in creating a Tough Turban for riders in their region.